Irene Gómez is a filmmaker and assistant director, focused in music videos and feature films.

Born and raised in Seville (Spain), she set up a production company with which she produced short films, music videos, and adverts for various clients. She studied a 5-years degree in Audio-visual Communication at the University of Seville, attending her last year in the Netherlands in 2013. Then she moved to London and joined the established multi-award winning production company Camelot Films.

Irene then works for RSA Films (Ridley Scott Associates) / Black Dog Films in the production department and she has recently produced and co-directed 'Green Light' music video for Jai Amore. She has also had the pleasure to work along with the likes of the best and brightest talents in the industry, including Mark Ronson, Helen Mirren, Michael Bay, Bill Nighy and Maribel Verdú.

Unlike other filmmakers, Irene believes the key for an outstanding video is to have a strong visual concept and powerful cinematography. ​​She also have skills in graphic designing and photography; plus, she has a wide knowledge of film history and film movements. All of these qualities enable her to bring an original and eclectic vision to her film craft and vision.​



Jai Amore - Green Light


Prizefighter - Behind the scenes

RockNRolla - Una noche de esas

Then & Now - Behind the scenes

Winter Ridge - Behind the scenes

Unhate Café - Promo video

Guanabana Caribbean Restaurant II


(as Second Camera)

Laura Bailey - 5 seconds campaign

(as DOP)

I have also worked in these projects, mostly in the AD department:

​Game of Thrones X Bud Light - Super Bowl Ad
Lexus - Ibiza & Mark Ronson - Make your mark
David Bowie
'No plan'
Transformers 5:
The last knight
On Death Row
You cannot hide
White Lines
Daydreaming with Stanley Kubrick
'The Corridor'
Sometimes Always Never
Eva Ruiz
The Unfamiliar
Ráfagas de Vida Salvaje
High Seas
The Bay Of Silence
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...and for these production companies:



Behind the scenes
Travels & Photoshoots
Posters design
Winter Ridge